About us

BROT FACTORY was established in Spain in 2008 with the objective to distribute German bakery products into the Spanish market. Today it is well positioned as a key supplier to some of Spain’s largest supermarket chains, demonstrating consistent growth and gradually expanding the range of products available to end consumers.

BROT FACTORY collaborates with some of the best bread and pastry manufacturers in Germany. The pages of this catalogue cover a wide variety of top quality products, offered at highly competitive prices. They’re made from the finest raw materials available, par-baked for easy transportation and long lasting storage, and undergo strict QC to ensure you get the same excellent result every time.

High production capacities and flexible logistic solutions enable BROT FACTORY to deliver quickly and efficiently, making it a reliable link in a supply chain- Toe ideal partner for any large food distribution retailer.

It has recently opened BROT FACTORY UK LTD, with the aim to distribute high quality bakery products at low costs to the British market, and mirror the same success in the UK.

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